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June 2, 2020

Brian Buffini Show | Episode 221


Brian Buffini Show


In this episode, Brian interviews John O’Leary about his new book, “In Awe.” John explains how to again tap into our childlike sense of wonder and become more engaged, successful, and fulfilled in our lives.

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May 6, 2020

The Podcast Every Homeowner Needs to Hear


LISTEN NOW: The Brian Buffini Show | Episode #214

Brian Buffini interviews NAR Chief Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun to bring clarity on the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on the economy and housing market. 

This discussion includes:

  • Why home prices are remaining steady
  • How agents are navigating the process and completing transactions
  • Why real estate provides a hedge against inflation
  • Why homes are still valuable assets in high demand

Download NAR Flash Survey here

Download March 2020 Existing Home Sales here

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March 25, 2020

Top home maintenance tips

Perhaps the best investment a homeowner can make is to learn the ins-and-out of home maintenance. Proactive measures will likely pay back in buckets and includes the regular inspection and updating of a home’s major systems and structure.  

Below are a few of the most important items, including the most damaging and costly to a homeowner if not properly maintained and a few DIY improvements, mostly cosmetic, that increase value and curb appeal.  Further down, you’ll find a formula for what to do first and last and tips to keep your calendars and maintenance reminders in order. 


Leaks cause more financial damage to homes than any of the other elements, including fire.  The best approach to prevent water damage? Inspect and maintain plumbing fixtures annually -  before leaks begin - starting from the top down.


Gutter maintenance is cheap, easy and a prime prevention of damage.  In a short time, clogged gutters can affect the roofing material, fascia, soffits, and even the siding.  Free flowing gutters can allow for dry basements and crawl spaces; bi-annual inspections are recommended.  While you’re up there, look for nails that may have bumped out and spot-check caulking, too!  

Drip, drip, drip ... 

No, not coffee - that’s your hose bibb.  Notorious for leaks, hose bibbs can cause water damage inside wall assemblies, basements, or crawl spaces. Wetness or mold around the hose bibb is a sure sign of leakage -  usually caused by a loose tap or connection. 

Winterizing hose bibbs is a must-do in your maintenance program.  Before temps drop below 20 degrees: disconnect all hoses from their hose bibbs and drain excess water; turn off valves supplying water to your outdoor faucets; drain residual water from the hoses and leave the faucet handle in an open position to release pressure throughout the winter; place an insulating cover - easily found at hardware stores - over your hose bibbs.  

Leave the heavy lifting to the pros …

Do what you can with the skills and tools you have.  When you see the need for professional assistance, reach out to your trusted real estate team at LizLuke.  We work hand-in-hand with reliable resources including HVAC companies like John Nugent & Sons HVAC, roofing pros like Pond Roofing & Exteriors, plumbers, electricians, painters, and handymen of all sorts.

It only takes a minute to message us (email, text, or DM) for a referral to one of our trusted resources who will put your projects on the top of their schedule.

Roof inspection and repairs

A costly but inevitable home improvement - roof replacement.  Roofs are exposed to all of the seasonal stresses — rain, snow, ice, wind and heat.  Though they may last longer, roofs typically have a 20 year lifespan.

If you are comfortable on a ladder, perform a regular, close-up inspection of your roof; if not, binoculars work, too!  Early signs of roof distress include any warping of its shingles.  Also look for granules in your gutters - some asphalt granules are ordinary but an abundance of grit in the gutters is a sign your roof life is waning.

A serious indication for roof repair are waves or dips in a roof - these can mean the roof is leaking and could cause rot in the wooden sheathing below.  For major maintenance like this, it’s best to bring in the big guns and hire a professional roofer for an expert opinion.

HVAC need help?

Unless you’re an HVAC technician, hire the help of a professional for regular inspection and service of your HVAC system.  With proper maintenance in place, you will likely ensure a long service life for your HVAC and demonstrate responsible homeownership to potential buyers when your home is on the market.   

Curb appeal counts

First impressions are lasting impressions.  Wow potential buyers, or just your neighbors, with these DIY upkeep items.  

Fenced in?

Just like anything else, fences need periodic maintenance.  Simple fixes include new nails and fastening brackets.  Light pressure washing and staining will freshen up fences after winter weather.  

Windows, doors and drafts, oh my! 

Put your hand next to the window and door seals.  Do you feel cold air coming in?  Simple solutions to seal up drafts includes weather stripping and/or caulking.  These measures can eliminate upwards of 10% of your heating and cooling bills.

Liven up your landscape

Is that chickweed or dandelion?  Henbit or bittercress?  Ask Alexa, Siri or Google - they all have the answers.  Then, assess sunshine exposure and which plants should go where based on their needs.  Confused yet? can help.

Attention to Detail

Doors painted in a glossy color look larger and more inviting.  Is your doormat worn and weathered or does it offer a warm welcome message?  Are your house numbers visible from the street? Is your freedom flag flying high with bright red, white and blue or tired and tattered?  These things matter and are quick fixes.  

Prioritize your home projects

Put effort into what seems to pay off best.  Find the current age of your house component and determine its remaining life expectancy. Overdue items go to the top of the list. Once you’ve created an immediate focus list, map out the maintenance for one, three and five years out, keeping seasonal conditions in mind when plotting your due dates.  

Watch out for expense clusters.  This is when your home’s systems and appliances reach their expiry date around the same time.  Mapping out maintenance in advance is good protection against multiple costs at once.

Checklists & maintenance records

These documents provide an acceptable record of home maintenance to a prospective buyer — one more tool to protect your home value.

Words of wealth

Be the best steward of your home.  Commit to regular home maintenance and keep small problems from becoming big, costly issues. Your efforts will offer plenty in return.

Remember, great people know great people.  LizLuke Team has vetted professionals whom we love and trust.  Get on their schedule now.

When the topic of real estate should arise, with friends, family, colleagues - from coast to coast - LIZLUKE is here for you.  We are an excellent resource for your buyer and seller introductions.  We pledge to support every client with the same care.  We are a group of gals who keep our word and hustle hard to get our clients to the settlement table.  Getting you home - it’s what we do. 


March 19, 2020

Educational Resources for Kids

Educational Resources for Kids

Direct links to our favorite resources below, including Cora Kelly For Math, Science, & Technology  these eight STEM activity suggestions - all fun, all manageable.  


Alexandria CIty Public Schools STEM specialist, Kelly Organek, shares this insight on the current climate and keeping children at home for now.

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Aug. 8, 2019

Ten Tips for Buying a Home to Flip

Ten Tips for Buying a Home to Flip

Though not foolproof, these tips will help you evaluate the potential of a home you plan to 'flip':

1. Look at the locks. Schlage and Baldwin are the “gold standards,” said Ditto, while a Home Depot or Quickset lock may indicate a renovator who wasn’t willing to spend the extra money.

2. The quality of appliances vary greatly. Write down the serial numbers and see what the developer paid for the appliances.

3. Take note of the bathroom fixtures, and do some research on the price and quality. Kohler is widely used and respected, and a rain shower often costs significantly more than a typical shower head. Again, a mid-range product doesn’t necessarily mean that the house is not well done, but a high-range product shows that the developer was willing to invest more.

4. The quality of plumbing fixtures can be determined by weight; the heavier the fixture, the more metal used, which generally translates to a more expensive product. You may not be able to pick up mounted fixtures, but holding a handle may give a sense of the weight.

5. Doors also fall into the “the heavier, the better” category. Swing the interior doors to determine their weight; solid core doors are heavier than hollow core, and are more expensive.

6. Cabinets and kitchen drawers also vary. One trick is to look at the drawers to see if they are dovetailed. Dovetailed woodwork indicates a higher quality, though a lack of dovetailing doesn’t necessarily indicate a poor job. Here are a few ways to check out the cabinets.

7. Perhaps the biggest worry when buying a renovated home is whether the developer has covered up large problems — mold, cracks in the foundation, a bad electrical system — with drywall or quick fixes. Look for water damage, which may indicate mold, or bring a trusted inspector or experienced real estate agent with you.

8. To that end, get your hands on the inspection report if you can.

9. An A/C system can be a good indicator of how much the developer cares. The difference between the cheaper systems and the nicer ones, like Trane and Carrier, can be just a few hundred dollars and is sometimes determined by the installer; seeing a Trane or Carrier means that you have a developer who insisted on a better system.

10. Finally, a good developer is usually willing to put their name on the product. If you have a hard time finding out who is responsible for developing or renovating the home, you have a right to be suspicious. Don’t be afraid to ask for references of past work, and call the current owners to find out if they are happy in the home.


Nov. 2, 2018

The Home Inspection - A Test Drive with Higher Stakes

The Home Inspection

A Test Drive with Higher Stakes

A standard checklist item of today’s home purchase, the home inspection is an opportunity to explore the ins-and-outs of a listing for sale. 

A certified home inspector, hired by the potential buyer, will closely assess the condition of a home for sale and provide a detailed report of their findings.  Ideally, no major issues exist in the home and the buyer gains confidence to proceed with their purchase. 

What to Expect 

From the roof to the foundation, your inspector will thoroughly take note (and photographs) of the home’s physical structure, test its mechanical and electrical systems and the functionality of major appliances, even wriggle their way into the attic and crawl spaces.  Smart buyers (and their Realtors) will attend the home inspection, likely two to three hours in length, to learn more about the home. If you do tag along, inspectors will likely explain what he sees and field questions.  Feel free to ask away but remember not to interfere with the inspection.

Read the entire article at Alexandria Living Magazine. 


Oct. 18, 2018

Alexandria parents share their favorite Halloween hangouts

Festive family fun for trick-or-treaters of all ages 

We asked ten Alexandria parents for the inside scoop on the sweetest spots for trick-or-treating.  While our survey didn’t poll enough folks to return a determined favorite, you'll find the advice and experiences of these Alexandria Halloween veterans - who’ve been around the block a time or two (or twenty) - helpful in choosing which location you'll make a family favorite.  

Lee Street

“Born on Oct 31 and raised in Old Town, few times of the year are as special for me than Halloween, especially trick or treating with my family along festive Lee Street, which is decked out for the night unlike any place in America,” Alexandria native, John McCaslin shared.  

The most popular response we received was to 
venture East toward the water’s edge to Lee Street.  You'll find stringy spider webs strung on wrought-iron fences, courtyards turned graveyards and larger than life spiders, ready to lurch on their next prey.  South Lee Street traffic will be temporarily prohibited and the ghouls and goblins can roam freely to forage as much candy as their parents allow.  Superbly fun for all ages, the majority of escorting parents and candy givers will be in costume, with many families making a themed group appearance.  You may even happen upon an adult-only party or two, where an of-age passerby could be offered an invitation inside or gifted a walkalong libation. 

Davis Avenue 

No less exciting is exploring Davis Avenue where you’ll find a more suburban experience in the neighborhood of North Ridge.  Jerry Slominski, having lived on the corner of Davis and Crestwood for decades, says, “Trick-or-treaters are lured to Davis Ave by ghosts and graveyards, skeletons and spiders, strobe lights and scary music.  The occasional smoke machine clouds some yards and a motorcycle-riding Frankenstein guards the northern entrance.”  

Davis Avenue has little traffic and the houses are close together resulting in an efficient round up of large bags of treats by the end of the evening.  Mr. Slominski fondly remembers many Halloweens happening a little something like this, “The fun starts promptly at 6pm with the preschool aged children.  Barely old enough to say trick or treat, they are stunned when they receive pieces of candy simply by asking. While the toddlers tend to have the cutest costumes, their watchful parents also seem the most into dressing up for the occasion. By 6:30, the street is buzzing with bumblebees, prancing princesses, menacing grim reapers and the occasional wizardry of Harry Potter.  Later, the pre-teens begin showing up, usually in groups of three to four and without parents.  Their costumes appear worn, and the treating more transactional but no less fun. By 8pm, most house lights are out and the street tucks in for the evening.”

Old Town Boutique District: Trick or Treating at the Boo-Tiques 

You may want to skip the scary shenanigans with little ones under two or three.  This daytime event on October 27, features the “Boo-Tiques” of Old Town Boutique District.  From 10am to 5pm, you can trick-or-treat at these participating locations.  No one will judge if you shop for a treat or two of your own. 

Del Ray 

A neighborhood tradition, the annual Del Ray Halloween Parade is a full day of Halloween fun. On Sunday, Oct 28 at 2pm, Mount Vernon Ave will be lined with spectators waiting to watch the mishmash of costumed paraders who will march from E. Bellefonte Ave to the Mount Vernon Recreation Center.  Last year's march was packed with over 7,500 participants, more than a third were children.  The parade ends with a celebration at the rec center featuring live music, goodie bags, refreshments and kid-friendly activities.  The ‘best of’ awards will be announced in a variety of categories from four-wheeled strollers to four-legged pets.  


Oct. 5, 2018

Local Organizations Team Up to Support Underserved Alexandria Youth

RunningBrooke and the LizLuke Team are taking steps together to champion student success through movement and wellness in the classroom

ALEXANDRIA, VA, October 5, 2018 — RunningBrooke, advocate for Alexandria City’s underserved youth, whose mission is to get more minds moving through fitness-infused classrooms and schools, after-school programs and community playgrounds, teams up with the LizLuke Team, a veteran real estate group serving Alexandria buyers and sellers for over a decade, for Taking Steps Together on Sunday, October 21, 2018.  

The free family-friendly fun begins at 2pm at Oronoco Bay Park and features live music by Noise in the Basement, delicious BBQ and all the fixins catered by Pork Barrel, Port City brews, and activities for kids of all ages.  Register ahead of time ( and bring your picnic blanket for an enjoyable afternoon in the warm fall sun.  Guest speakers and honorary RunningBrooke chairpersons, Congressman Don Beyer, and his wife Megan Beyer, will be in attendance, as well as Mayor of Alexandria, Allison Silberberg. 

Celebrations in order at Taking Steps Together are two-fold.  The focus is the steps RunningBrooke, propelled by year-after-year contributions from the LizLuke Team and a number of other generous partners, have taken together to build a happier, healthier community.  Also worth honoring is the upcoming milestone marathon of Brooke Sydnor Curran, founder and front woman for RunningBrooke, who experienced a near fatal brain aneurysm earlier this year.  

Sydnor Curran will run the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct 28 in Arlington, VA. “I’ve never felt stronger, or more determined, to serve and ignite change for kids in our community,” says Sydnor Curran.  Dubbed “The People’s Marathon,” this 26-miler was Sydnor Curran’s debut marathon 14 years ago and her first return to organized running since her aneurysm last spring.   

Champion sponsor of Taking Steps Together, Elizabeth Lucchesi, leading lady of the LizLuke Team, holds RunningBrooke close to her heart.  Lucchesi and Sydnor Curran have been friends for years and worked together selflessly to promote wellness in the classroom and the community.  Lucchesi was named Volunteer Alexandria’s 2017 Small Business Philanthropist of the Year and shares, “When you volunteer in your community, most often it’s done out of love, a sense of pride for where you live and because you believe in the work of the organizations you support.” 

For over a decade RunningBrooke and LizLuke Team have served Alexandria.  RunningBrooke has invested nearly $1.5 million into schools and nonprofit partners.  During this time Sydnor Curran has run 116 marathons to highlight steps the community can take together to build a better Alexandria.  LizLuke Team has helped 1,500 home buyers and sellers, including many families, some of whom now call Elizabeth and her team friends.  Each year, a portion of LizLuke Team profits are contributed to nonprofit partners.

Contributions made in support of Taking Steps Together celebration will benefit 20 underserved classrooms across the city, bringing brain-boosting activities, equipment, and high-performance learning to students!  Among our most appreciated supporters are local wellness studios Core Wellness and Mind the Mat.  

If you’re interested in teaming up with RunningBrooke to promote the success of Alexandria students, please consider a tax-deductible partnership option. Visit or contact Brooke Sydnor Curran at  

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Oct. 2, 2018

Metro Area Market Insights

The real estate market is always changing, and if you’re buying or selling a home, it’s critical to understand the current market conditions. Click on the image below to see what’s happening to real estate in your neighborhood. 

Need insights on what’s taking place in the high-end market? Visit our Luxury Insight page now!  









Sept. 21, 2018

House Hunt Like a Pro

How to Overcome Common Home Buying Challenges

Today’s homebuyers are facing increasing mortgage rates, rising sales prices and low inventory in many markets.  Not to mention, recent tax policy changes.  

How does a buyer tackle such obstacles? Take a page from our playbook below to better prepare and navigate your home buying experience.  

Get perspective

Relatively speaking, "The fours are not a terrible place to be," said Skylar Olsen, director of economic research at Zillow.  Average 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages reached 4.45 percent, a record high since 2014, last month.  However, this number is still historically low.

What do nominal rate increases cost the homebuyer after all?  

The latest Long & Foster Real Estate data reported a median home sales price of $470,000 in August, 2018.  Home buyers securing a 30-year loan at the current rate of 4.5 percent, with no down payment, would pay $337,312 in interest over the life of the loan.  At 5 percent, interest costs rise to $438,302 - about a $100,000 difference in total, but only a $142 increase in your monthly payment.  

While those numbers seem hefty, pre-recession home buyers faced interest rates of 6.5 percent in the summer of 2007.

The golden rule

Don't buy more house than you can afford.  Think of your future purchase as a place you’ll call home, not an investment.  Put your affordability in bounds by reviewing your latest credit report and obtaining pre-approval from a lender. 

Work with a professional Realtor

This is no market for the faint of heart.  Homebuyers should prepare to face a tight inventory and competitive offers from other buyers.  Teaming up with an experienced real estate professional who has likely been to the negotiating table more times than you is a smart move.  Realtors assist buyers to craft better deals with tactics like offering a bigger down payment, more earnest money or a shorter closing time.  They’ll also walk you through an escalation clause.  In such a clause, a buyer agrees to pay x price for a home, but if the seller receives an offer higher than x, the buyer is willing to increase their offer to y.  

What about taxes? 

Tax laws are not as generous as they once were.  Previously capped at $1 million, homeowners can now deduct interest paid on only the first $750,000 of a loan for their first or second home purchase. 

The unlimited federal deduction for state and local income and sales tax has also been reduced.  Taxpayers may deduct up to $10,000 in combined property, state, and local income taxes, often affecting those in areas with heavy tax burdens the most.

Stay focused

Whether you buy now or later, stay the course for eventual homeownership. Vice President of Communications of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Bruce McClary, reminds buyers, "There is an investment value in homeownership but time is a big factor. It's slow and steady because there are peaks and valleys. It can be a roller coaster at times.”

Novice and veteran home buyers alike may find it tricky to navigate the current market.  The LizLuke Team provides clients with excellent guidance, backed by exceptional expertise, in order to make sound real estate decisions.  Call, text or email The LizLuke Team today - we’ll be by your side every step of the way.