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Nov. 10, 2020

5 Advantages of Living in a Single-Family Home in Alexandria, VA

When embarking on the search for your next home in the Alexandria area, one of the first considerations is if you want a condo, townhouse, or single-family home. 

The term single-family home refers to a stand-alone residential dwelling set on its own piece of property. No land, utilities, or structural components are shared with any other units. 

If you are trying to decide between a single-family home and a condo for your next purchase, read on for advice. Here are five reasons why a single-family home is potentially your best choice.

1. Appreciation and Profitability

A traditional, single-family home has long been considered a better investment than its counterparts. They generally have a faster and greater rate of appreciation.

Rising HOA fees are not only a burden on your wallet, but make it more difficult to increase the asking price when it comes time to sell a condo.  

Unless you are more interested in the downsizing than profitability, single-family homes take the win in this department. 

2. Space and Privacy

Single-family homes invariably provide not only more square footage but more storage space too. You are likely to have an attic, garage, basement, or even all three.

Privacy is another huge benefit. Even a nearby neighbor to a single-family home does not compare to the overhead footsteps or shared internal walls of condo living.

The location and amenities of condos are often more appealing to vacationers. With the booming popularity of Airbnb and short-term rentals, you are also more likely to find yourself with a new neighbor every weekend in a condo vs single-family home.

3. Your Own Yard 

Nothing says home like mowing the lawn or grilling a few burgers in your own backyard.

Besides providing a buffer from your neighbors, you get space to work on projects, hone your green thumb in the garden, and entertain guests. 

If you have (or are planning to have) kids or pets, a yard is especially invaluable. 

4. Renovations and Customization

Single-family homes provide exponentially more freedom to customize your space to suit your specific tastes and needs. You can expand, renovate, and remodel, however, and whenever you desire. 

Not only do condos tend to limit things like where you hang your clothes to dry or the color of your walls, they often restrict your ability to do any sort of renovations at all. Doing so requires approval from all owners on every facet of the process, from the contractor to the quality of work. 

5. No Co-Ownership Headaches 

When you buy a single-family home, you also purchase the entire dwelling plus the land it sits on. Condo ownership, on the other hand, includes only the actual interior living space and a portion of the common areas.

Co-ownership inevitably leads to conflict and an issue is sure to arise on at least one occasion. All condo owners share in the decision-making process, and the rules and restrictions can be highly prohibitive. 

Are You Ready to Own a Single-Family Home? 

If space, privacy, and resell value top your list of priorities, purchasing a single-family home is likely the right fit. 

Browse our online listings of single-family homes for sale in Alexandria or contact our team. We would love to help you find the home of your dreams in Northern Virginia!  

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Sept. 17, 2020

Top Ways to Make Your Northern Virginia Home Stand Out

In August of this year, the typical home listed for sale only took 13 days to go under contract. This is two weeks faster than it was two years ago. While real estate buyers are more eager than ever, it's important to have your Northern Virginia home stand out.

With the average house prices skyrocketing this year, sellers remain in control of the current housing market. How can you keep this control and attract the most attention for your home? This article can help.

Here are the top ways to turn heads when selling a home in Alexandria.

1. Add Curb Appeal

One of the most appealing parts of living in Northern Virginia is its beauty all around. A home should be no exception. To attract valuable attention for your listed home, emphasize a unique and beautiful exterior.

By prioritizing the external appearance, the curb appeal of your home can have a powerful first impression with buyers. This is one of the top factors that can help sell your home quickly.

Consider adding a comfortable porch, new windows, or a fresh coat of paint on your home. You may also want to add lush plants, a new front door, or unique outdoor lighting. The more effort you put into the exterior of your home, the more prospects you'll have.

2. Declutter and Get Organized

When learning how to sell your home in Northern Virginia, one of the top tips is to declutter and organize. If you're trying to promote the best home for prospective buyers, it should look livable, clean, and clutter-free.

Decluttering and organizing closets, garages, and bedrooms can help give off the feel of more storage and living space. If a homeowner sees a jam-packed space, they're likely to get the impression that there isn't enough room for their belongings.

Before listing your Northern Virginia real estate, organize and get rid of unnecessary clutter. This can both help you prepare for the move and best show off your home's full potential.

3. Keep up With Maintenance

For the typical home buyer, they're looking for a space that is ready to live in. On average, homeowners will spend anywhere from one to four percent of a home's value on maintenance. As time goes on, this number can increase with age and poor maintenance habits.

Before listing your home, be sure to keep up with any necessary repairs. This can give prospective buyers the confidence and reassurance they need to sign the contract.

If there are any broken or faulty features, prospective buyers may question if there are deeper rooted issues with the house. Consider conducting an inspection to determine if there are any pressing maintenance issues.

4. Get Creative

As prospective buyers tour more homes, they can easily forget a lackluster, average property. When staging your home, get creative with decorations, furniture, and curb appeal.

This may consist of brightly-colored plants, unique wall art, or eye-catching lighting. Your home should be shown off to its full potential to provide buyers with the best impression. While these aspects may not increase the value of the property, they can help provide a memorable image and sell your home faster.

List Your Northern Virginia Home Today

Now that you know the top ways to help your Northern Virginia home stand out on the market, what are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to list and sell your home.

If you're ready to list your property, contact our top-producing real estate team to get started today.

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Sept. 4, 2020

Top 10 Things to Do in Old Town Alexandria

Are you into history, art, and a little bit of whimsy?

If so, you should see what Old Town Alexandria has to offer. This peaceful, old town might be best known for its sense of calm, but when you're looking for things to do in Old Town Alexandria, you won't have to look long.

You can start the day with a walk down King Street, take a picture at the thinnest house in the United States, see some Ethiopian art, and if you still have time, go for a relaxing bike ride with a wonderful view. These are just a few of the wide range of activities in Alexandria you can take part in.

For the absolute must-see visit spots in town, here are our top 10 ideas:

1. Start Your Journey for Things to Do in Old Town Alexandria With a Visit to the Torpedo Factory Art Center

An old munitions building might seem like the last place you'd find a thriving art scene. But the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria would prove you wrong. It's a unique art experience, attracting visitors with its 82 art studios and a broad variety of styles.

Unlike a typical art museum or art gallery, the Torpedo Factory has dozens of artists working on their creative process in-house. This means you can observe how they create their work in real-time.

2. Squeeze in a Trip to the Spite House

For a unique architectural sight, stop by the skinniest house in the United States. Locals call it the Spite House because legend has it that this building was created out of spite.

It's only 7 feet wide, but it's 2 stories. The house is neatly lodged in between surrounding houses of a more normal and spite-free size. The original owner had it built to block off the alley and keep out horse-drawn wagons.

3. Enter the Magical World of the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum

This apothecary museum boasts a one-of-a-kind collection of unusual items. You may have trouble visiting it right now due to the pandemic, but keep an eye peeled for its re-opening. When the opportunity opens up again, this is one you won't want to miss.

From herbal botanicals to hand-blown glass and formula books, this apothecary has everything you need to feel like you're in a mystical sorcerer's place of business.

4. Take a Bike Ride Through the Mount Vernon Trail

Say hello to 18 miles of glorious nature. The Mount Vernon trail is paved, so it's smooth enough for a casual bike ride, and it's the perfect mix of city scenes and lush vegetation. You'll get a beautiful view of the D.C. skyline, and at the same time you'll be removed enough to reconnect with the quieter side of things.

The trail is within walking distance of the Arlington Cemetery and the Rosslyn metro stations, so you can make a solid day trip out of your visit.

5. Honor Black History at the Alexandria Black History Museum

Old Town Alexandria is a place that's rich in historical landmarks and notable memorabilia. As you take in the history of the town, do yourself a favor and include the Black history museum in your plans.

You may have heard a lot about Black history and the Black experience in the United States. But entering an entire museum dedicated to the telling of these stories is an encounter that's hard to top.

6. Take a Scenic Walk Along King Street

A trip to a historic town is never complete without a scenic walk along the shops and sights of the city. King Street is a lovely stretch of Old Town Alexandria that has little boutiques, well-known stores, and lots of local treasures you can't find anywhere else.

When you take a stroll along King Street, we can promise you won't be bored. A nice walk in the morning or after lunch is a perfect way to spend the day.

7. Visit the Athenaeum

For a beautiful and spacious art environment, take a trip to the Athenaeum. This art gallery is a celebration of artists from the surrounding regions. The tall ceilings and stunning architecture make it a one-of-a-kind backdrop for the rotating art exhibitions.

Recent exhibits include botanical art, doodle art, and 'the human condition.' Take a look at the Athenaeum's website to see what they'll have on display while you're in town.

8. Take a Spooky Ghost Tour (Or a Regular One)

What is it about historic towns and ghost tours? Is it the element of fun in an educational setting? Or that old towns have so many famous dead people?

Whatever the reason may be, what we know is that it works. A ghost tour around Halloween can be the perfect seasonal outing for you and your travel buddies. And if you want the history minus the ghosts, there are plenty of regular tours out there too.

9. See the Stately Architecture of the Carlyle House

If you know what Georgian residential architecture means, you might have already heard about the Carlyle House in Old Town Alexandria. And if not, it's time to see for yourself!

This stone mansion is one of the finest examples of its architectural style. It's large, impressively designed, and almost 300 years old. If you or anyone you're traveling with is interested in the local architecture, the Carlyle House is a must-see.

10. Experience Ethiopian Art at the St. George Gallery

You can support woman-owned spaces while learning about the intricacies of Ethiopian art at this gallery in Old Town Alexandria. The founder, Saba Alene, used the first version of this gallery as a way to break through and uplift the art scene in Ethiopia.

At the Alexandria location, you'll find paintings, textile work, pottery, jewelry, and more. You can approach it as a museum-goer, discovering things you never knew about Ethiopian art. Or you can go as a shopper and get some beautiful finds for your friends, family, and your own home.

Come See For Yourself!

Come visit a charming town with a lot to offer. From bike trails to spooky tours, this place has something for everybody. These are our top picks, but they just scratch the surface of excellent things to do in Old Town Alexandria.

For more posts about Alexandra and Northern Virginia, check out the rest of our blog!

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Aug. 21, 2020

9 Real Life Benefits of Living in Northern Virginia

Did you know that 901,000 new homes were sold in the U.S. in July 2020? This shows an increase of 13.9% from the number of homes sold in the previous month.

As of the end of July, there were 299,000 new homes for sale. The median price for houses sold in July 2020 was $330,600.

This increase in homes sold and the number of homes for sale at the end of the month indicates that deciding to move might be the right decision for you.

This guide will help you determine why living in Northern Virginia is the right choice. Keep reading to find out why.

1. The School System

If you're thinking of moving your family to northern Virginia, you're making the right choice. Northern Virginia has great, family-friendly neighborhoods and an amazing public school system.

The school systems in this area of Virginia are so great because the families in the district work to create a supportive community. Local governments also support education by making sure the system has sufficient funding and that teachers have all the necessary resources to help their students succeed.

2. Get the Best Seasonal Experiences

What is it like to live in Virginia? Living here allows you to experience the best of each season! You'll love getting to wear all the great seasonal clothing and participating in so many fun activities.

Whether you want to go on a beach adventure in the summer or play in the snow in the winter. One of the most beautiful parts of living in northern Virginia is seeing all the changing colors in the leaves of the trees. This is definitely an experience you'll never get tired of.

3. Wonderful Hiking Trails

Hiking is a popular activity in northern Virginia. So if you're a nature lover and an active individual, you'll fit right in!

Whether you decide to hit the Cameron Run Park Trail or the Holmes Run Trail, you have plenty of hiking options while living in Virginia. You'll always be surrounded by the most scenic routes while on your hikes as well.

The great thing about hiking is that it helps you with your physical and mental health. It's also a great thing to do with friends or family.

4. You're a Short Trip Away From the Nation's Capital

The perks of living near DC, there's a three-hour drive from northern Virginia to DC, is that you'll always be a short trip away from exploring all the great things the capital has to offer.

Whatever interests you may have, there's something for you when visiting DC. The Smithsonian institution offers free access to some of the best museums and galleries in the country. You can take the kids to the National Zoo or you can take a stroll through the beautiful Smithsonian Gardens.

Take a day trip to the capital during the spring to see the famous cherry blossom trees in Washington, DC, or visit places like the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial.

5. It Has a Great Economy

Another great reason to make northern Virginia your new home is because of its flourishing economy. Because the neighborhoods in the area are close to Washington, DC, there's a lot of daily activity to keep the economy moving. Whether that be tourists renting rooms in the area to be close to the capital or residents traveling between the two areas, there's a sense of economic security.

Northern Virginia also has a great job market. The service and technology industries are areas where the jobs are plentiful.

6. It's an Affordable Place to Live

Because Northern Virginia is located just outside of the nation's capital and other major cities like Baltimore, Maryland, it's a decently priced place to live compared to other cities in the surrounding area.

There are also different options in terms of the type of neighborhoods you'd like to live in. While the majority of neighborhoods in northern Virginia are suburbs, there are also a few more urban or rural places if that's what you're looking for in a new home.

The styles of houses are also some of the most beautiful in this area of the state. You'll find many colonial-style homes with the most stunning brickwork or Georgian styled homes which date back to the revolutionary war.

7. It Has a Great Public Transportation System

One of the benefits of living in Virginia is that it's easy to access other major cities if you're currently living in the suburbs or other surrounding areas. DC is only a three-hour drive but public transportation gets those who commute to work there pretty quickly.

There are bus routes but the metro system is the most popular, it's affordable and easy to use. It's also best for those who don't want to go through the hassle of driving or parking. Whether you're trying to get to the capital or Raegan National Airport, the metro will get you there.

8. It Has Some of the Most Beautiful Wineries

While California might come to mind first when you think of vineyards, northern Virginia has plenty of beautiful wineries of its own.

These are the perfect places to enjoy a glass or two with your group of friends while taking in the beautiful views. Many of these wineries also offer their space for special occasions like family parties or anniversaries.

The Winery at Bull Run in Fairfax County offers a glimpse into the history of the area and some of the best artisanal wine you've ever tasted.

9. It's a Great Place for Sports Fans

There are lots of great teams to support if you're a resident of northern Virginia. Whether you're rooting for the Washington Nationals baseball team or the Washington Football Team, there's a place for you to show your support. Heading to the Capital One Arena on a Saturday to support your favorite team is a must for every sports fan.

Why Living in Northern Virginia Is the Best Choice You Could Make

Any local living in northern Virginia can tell you that it's a great place to call home. It has a great job market, affordable housing, and easy access to many major cities.

If you have any questions about the real estate in northern Virginia and would like to talk to one of the friendly members of our team, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to help!

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Aug. 7, 2020

3 Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for Townhouses in North Ridge Rosemont

If you've just moved to North Ridge Rosemont, then you know it's a beautiful area of Alexandria just a stone's throw away from the nation's capital. Better still, the townhomes are the perfect place to settle your family, as long as you don't fall victim to maintenance mistakes that hurt your home in the long-run.

After all, while you can make almost any house a home, every home has its quirks. Some homes are quirkier than others. Even so, many of these can be resolved with a bit of home maintenance awareness and elbow grease.

If you own a townhouse, you have to know how to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are three of the most common maintenance mistakes homeowners make and how you can spot them.

1. Neglecting Roof Repairs

A roof over your head is one of the basic requirements of survival. Yet we don't see the roof that much, which means it's quite easy to neglect.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are several silent signs of a roof in distress.

Ceiling stains are a major indicator of trouble since they usually point to water damage. Remember, the roof's job is to keep precipitation and moisture out of the house. If moisture is sneaking in, the roof may not be holding up anymore.

You can also spot a worn-out roof from the curb. Take a long, hard look at the shingles for any signs of damage. Damaged, missing, or faded shingles indicate a roof in need of replacement and may portend ugly water damage hiding in the walls and ceilings.

2. Painting Over Water Damage

Water damage is one of the more insidious home problems. It's also easy to ignore. Many homeowners just paint over water stains.

That might cover the stain, but it leaves the problem to fester underneath. The net result: a recipe for mold, mildew, and pricey home repairs.

You can spot water damage by taking a look at the walls. Any unusual spots or stains might be a sign of underlying moisture.

However, keep an eye on the floors as well. Any warping or buckling, especially in the basement, is usually a telltale sign of water damage.

3. Ignoring Flickering Lights

You know that flickering lightbulb in your hallway? It might be more than a simple annoyance.

A flickering lightbulb is trying to tell you something. Sometimes, it can even be an early indicator of a dangerous electrical problem, especially if the flickering persists with a new bulb.

If you've tried replacing a flickering lightbulb and the new bulb gives you the same result, it's time to call an electrician.

Don't Fall for These Maintenance Mistakes

As a current homeowner, these maintenance mistakes might not seem like a big deal. But they will get worse if left unchecked, and that can result in an expensive home repair bill, or even stop your home from selling.

If you're thinking of selling your current home, your home needs to be ready to hit the market. That's where we can help. We're a top-producing real estate team in Alexandria and Northern Virginia, and we're here to make your real estate experience a dream.

Get in touch today to let us know how we can help!

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July 21, 2020

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Townhouse in North Ridge Rosement

Thinking of buying a townhouse in North Ridge Rosemont? It's a beautiful local housing market with tons of options for savvy home buyers.

However, not all townhouses are created equal, which is why it's important to ask questions before you buy.

Here are three of the big questions you need to ask when looking into a potential new townhouse.

1. What's in the CC&R?

Covenants, conditions, and restrictions, or CC&Rs, are sets of rules governing how real estate is used. Typically, these are rules placed on a home or housing complex by a builder, a homeowner's association, or a neighborhood association.

Essentially, homeowners agree to give up a certain amount of autonomy in exchange for being able to live in the community. Many townhomes have CC&Rs.

The tricky thing about CC&Rs is that they apply to features of your home that neighbors may not be able to see. In fact, they can place almost any kind of restriction, as long as participating members of the group agree to it.

For example, a CC&R may state that you're only allowed to paint your house certain colors. Space limitations are more common, but there are CC&Rs that may leave you scratching your head. Many CC&Rs place breed restrictions on pets and disallow livestock, chickens, and rabbits.

Some CC&Rs will even go so far as to specify who's allowed to live in your home.

That said, the goal of CC&Rs is to maintain a safe, clean, good-looking neighborhood. Just make sure to read the fine print of your CC&R carefully.

2. What's the Privacy Like?

Privacy is a particularly important question for townhomes compared to regular houses. Unlike condos, you won't have neighbors all around, but unlike a suburban house, you will have neighbors sharing walls with you on either side.

For this reason, it's important to investigate various elements of privacy. For example, how well does sound travel? Just because your neighbor is having a party doesn't mean you want to be invited, especially if you're trying to have a quiet dinner in your dining room.

A good way to find this out is with a bit of early relationship-building with your would-be neighbors. Ask about the level of noise pollution; you might be surprised by the response.

3. What's the HOA Situation?

Last but not least, don't forget to ask about the homeowner's association or HOA.

The HOA is responsible for setting rules for the community. If you buy a property in a community that has an HOA, you automatically become a member and agree to participate in the rules set by the HOA and pay your HOA dues.

This is why it's extremely important to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. Some HOAs are more restrictive than others. As long as you're fine with the terms set by the HOA, you won't have any issues moving into that neighborhood.

Thinking of Buying a Townhouse?

We know that buying a townhouse is no small undertaking. That's why we're here to help guide you through the process with an expert real estate team and deep knowledge of the local market.

If you're on the hunt for your forever home, get in touch today to let us know how we can help.

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July 15, 2020

Live Tour at this Chic DC Condo

1321 Euclid St NW

Chic DC Condo in Columbia Heights

2 BR | 2 BA condo in a boutique building in Columbia Heights.  Adams Morgan and the 14th and U St. corridor are close by.  Two metro stations (Columbia Heights and U Street) are only a 7-minute walk away.  Shop at nearby Target, Trader Joe's, and Harris Teeter, venture out to the nightlife 14th St has to offer or enjoy a summer afternoon at Meridian Hill Park.  Come home where you can have it all.

Streaming from our Facebook Live page



July 7, 2020

American Architectural Styles: A Look at North Ridge Rosemont Homes

There are over 30 different styles of American architectural styles available. Virginia houses offer some of the broadest style varieties in the country.

Rosemont houses in Alexandria boast both revivals and contemporary designs. They are likely to suit anyone's taste.

Learn more American architecture styles common to North Ridge Rosemont Homes.

Types of House Architecture Common in Virginia

Do you seek American architectural styles found in Rosemont houses? If so, you should consult the Virginia Cultural Resource Information System (VCRIS). VCRIS is an electronic archive with records for historic properties in Virginia houses.

Before you begin house hunting for dreamy neocolonial houses, consider checking VCRIS. But first, check out the various types of house architecture typical to the area. Use this guide as a reference.

American Architectural Styles: Outside of Revivalism

Neocolonial houses, also known as colonial revival houses, are more common to the region. Virginia houses have a long history, spanning the colonial era to 1940. Some styles were popular for only a short time. Other architectural characteristics were so favored they reappear in revivals at later times. Each style boasts its defining characteristics, although some features may be repeated.


Of the American architectural styles found in Virginia houses, colonials are the most common. Not only are they the oldest style in the region. Their defining characteristics also ensure more natural reconstruction and updates than other styles.

Colonial houses were built from 1650 to 1725. They are easily identifiable through their brickwork. They also feature single-room parlor plans and steeply pitched gable roofs.


Georgian styles were constructed from 1700 to 1780. They emphasize balance and symmetry in their facades.

Also built from brick, this style uses central passage plans that run two-rooms deep. The standout features of this style include its embellished facades. These facades were more decorative than colonial styles.


Federal styles, built from 1780-1825, also relied on brickwork. This style also employed central-style plans. The federal style's architectural characteristics emphasize a more extended form. They also give more attention to detail.

Folk Victorian

Folk Victorian refers to a ruralized, more straightforward interpretation of regular Victorian styles. This style is known for its lack of decorative features (e.g., moldings, towers, wall surfaces).

Second Empire

The second empire style reflects the growth of the population in this period—the latter half the 19th century. Its use for residential styles mostly appears as single-family dwellings and townhomes.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne style homes usually include a corner tower, front gable, wrap-around porch. These features were difficult to fit into suburban lots. They were more often found in commercial buildings or vacation cottages.


This style is mainly associated with its use of forms. The craftsman style often uses bungalow and American foursquare.

American Architectural Styles: Revivals

Revivalism in architecture emphasizes a nod to popular forms and styles from Europe and ancient history. They are recent designs which individual architects attempt to reinvent. The revivals common in Virginia houses vary. Some are inspired by classical styles and those of modernity (i.e., the last century or so).


Introduced from 1780 to 1860, classical revival calls back to Roman-inspired architecture. Its emphasis on columns and use of the classical portico are the defining characteristics of this style.


Greek revival focused more specifically on the architectural characteristics of ancient temples. Also adorned with columns, this lacked some of the design details accessible in classical revivals. It mirrored the themes of liberty and democracy relevant to the time.


Gothic revival, spanning nearly a century from 1835 to 1940, encompasses several substyles. These substyles include Early, Castellated, Carpenter, and High Victorian Gothic. This style appeared mostly to defy classicism. Its primary feature was a pointed, or Gothic-arched, window.


Thi style was easily the most popular of American architectural styles at the time. The Italianate revival was used for houses and public buildings, too. This style stands out for its focus on overhanging cornices and decorative brackets.


The Richardsonian style emphasizes the use of stone masonry. This style was considerably expensive, as it also focused on forms with lots of mass and scale over ornamentation. This style is also known as the Romanesque revival.

Colonial or Neocolonial

Colonial revival, or neocolonial houses, call back to the original colonial styles. This call to heritage through American architectural styles used two-story columns. It reintroduced the plantation styles of the Old South.

Other Revival Styles

There are several other popular revival forms. These were inspired by different colonial styles and cultures. These include:

  • Georgian: another historical call back to Revolution-era styles
  • Dutch: mostly used side-gambrel roofs and shed dormers
  • Tudor: very popular and inspired by cottages and stone manors
  • Spanish: considered exotic; known as Mediterranean due to the terracotta tile roofs
  • Neoclassical: yet another nod to classicism, emphasizing austerity
  • Rustic: aimed at blending natural landscapes with architecture

Popular Forms for Virginia Houses

Forms are architectural characteristics that refer to specific shapes or configurations of a building. A form is naturally opposed by space, either internal or external. A form's style is determined by its shape, size, scale, and proportion to an overall figure.

For Rosemont houses, certain American architectural styles that emphasize certain forms over others. The following are forms found in Virginia houses in Alexandria. These forms include:

  • American Foursquare: two-story or more with a square/rectangle plan
  • Palladian Villa: two-story with flanking pavilions
  • Octagon: eight-sided and very rare
  • Bungalow: small, gabled, with a living room connecting to the dining room
  • I-House: two stories, three bays, one-room deep, steep gable roof

No matter the forms or American architecture styles you prefer, you have several options available.

Finding Your Dream Home in Rosemont

With references like VCRIS, shopping for your favorite American architectural styles in Rosemont is easier than ever. Of course, even with a helpful resource like this, it is essential to have an expert's help.

Consider house hunting with the Liz Luke team. We can help you find the styles and characteristics you want. Please, contact us today so we can help you find the home of your dreams.

July 6, 2020

601 Johnston Place Rosemont, Alexandria

North Ridge Rosemont home for sale


Welcome to this inviting 1920s Bungalow at the intersection of Johnston Place and Elm Street in Rosemont, Alexandria. 

Listing details, photos and video tour here.


Tune in for our Facebook Live stream virtual tour here on Sunday, July 12, from 12 - 1 PM.


June 29, 2020

Moving to North Ridge Rosemont, VA: A Prospective Guide

Nationwide, new listing prices for homes have seen their slowest growth in seven years. In early March, listing prices were up 4.4% whereas early April saw a rise of only 1%. For new home buyers in the North Ridge Rosemont area, this is good news!

If you're a young couple looking for a great place to raise your family or an established couple looking to settle down, North Ridge Rosement, VA is the perfect area for you.

Over 11,000 people call this area home, and that number continues to rise. If you're looking to make a move and buy a new home, now is the time. Read on to learn more about this exciting neighborhood in Alexandria.


What Makes North Ridge Rosemont Stand Out?

What makes Rosemont stand out from the other neighborhoods in Alexandria? The first thing you should know is that buying a home in this area is a solid investment. The median home value is $691,263, and that number should continue to rise for the next decade. 

The area is home to working professionals that commute throughout the greater Washington DC area. The average household income is $138,308. With large income comes a larger tax base, meaning the area can invest more in schools and infrastructure.

The area has a high number of historic homes built before 1939. If you're looking for a home with character, this neighborhood is the perfect place for you. That doesn't mean that you can't find a modern home though. Rosemont also has several modern homes for executives in the area. 



Education is an important part of life in Rosemont, with 33% of the people that live in the neighborhood having a master's degree or higher. Another 28% or Rosemont residents have a bachelor's degree. 

The area is home to excellent schools for children of all ages. There are six elementary schools: 

  • Charles Barrett Elementary School 
  • Maury Elementary School 
  • George Mason Elementary School
  • Douglas MacArthur Elementary School 
  • Mount Vernon Elementary School
  • Jefferson-Houston Elementary School

The area is also home to T.C. Williams High School and one of the highest-rated private schools in the state, St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School. 


North Ridge Rosemont Things to Do

You'll love living in Rosemont if you're a history buff. You can spend an entire day driving around the neighborhood and admiring the historic homes that line Russel Road, West Spring Street, and other places. 

You can also pay a visit to the Ivy Hill Cemetery. Some burials here date back to 1811. There are many historic figures laid to rest here, including: 

  • Nicholas Trist - forged the treaty which ended the Spanish-American War
  • Amelita Ward - American actress who appeared in over 20 films
  • Bryan Fairfax - Lifelong friend of George Washington and first American-born Lord Fairfax
  • Several descendants of George Washington

Please remember that there may be ongoing services and grieving family members when you visit the cemetery. Always show respect during your visit.

You can also visit Harpers Ferry in West Virginia, which is only about an hour and a half away. Harpers Ferry is where John Brown attempted to lead a rebellion against slavery in the South in 1859.  

On the border of the neighborhood, you'll find the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. This memorial, inspired by the ancient Alexandria Lighthouse in Egypt, is 333 feet tall. The building's purpose is to honor Washington as both the first president and as a mason. 

The best part about living in Rosemont is that you're close to world-class cultural sites and entertainment options that the entire family can enjoy. 


Museums and Cultural Attractions 

Even though you'll live in Virginia, you'll have access to the world thanks to the numerous free museums in the Washington DC area. 

You'll live within 15-minutes of the world-famous Smithsonian Museums. You can spend an entire day wandering the halls of the natural history museum where you'll come face to face with dinosaurs, Native American cultural artifacts, and ancient Egyptian mummies. 

You're also only a few minutes from the National Zoo where over 300 animal species are housed year-round. Watch as Western Lowland Gorillas forage for food and ring-tailed lemurs bounce from tree to tree. The National Zoo is an amazing place to explore on your own or take your family. 

You can also take in the national monuments, do a tour of the white-house, or spend the night taking in a performance from the National Symphony. The best part is that, after spending a day in Washington DC, you're only 15 minutes from your home!


Sports and the Outdoors 

Rosemont and the greater Alexandria area is the perfect place to call home if you're a sports fan. 

You can enjoy sports year-round since the area is home to teams in all five of the major sports. You can watch all-stars Bradley Beal and John Wall excite the Wizard faithful in the NBA or watch pitching sensation Stephen Strasburg throw strikes at Nationals Park.

You can watch Washington's NFL team at FedExField and catch a capitals NHL game. The area is also home to one of the most successful soccer clubs in the United States, DC United. 

If you're the outdoors type, Virginia has everything you could want and more. From Rosemont, you're less than an hour away from some of the best beaches in the United States. You can also take the short ten-minute drive to the Potomac River where you can fish, surf, and boat the day away. 

You're also a short drive from the Appalachian trail, mountain hikes, and amazing parks that offer camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and more. North Ridge Rosemont allows you to live close to the city and get away for a quiet excursion into nature. You're less than thirty minutes away from either a night out in the nation's capital or a camping experience in the woods of Virginia. 


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