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Capture the picture perfect moment

Nailed it!  At least that's what you want to think of your youngster's thoughtfully chosen outfits and award winning smiles - especially on their first day of a brand new school year. 

Quick tips for a perfect shot:

Early morning is primetime photo light and it should be relatively east to capture a nice shot.  But, if your little one is facing the sun, there are a couple of drawbacks, like squinty eyes.  Perhaps you can: 

  • Ask your subject to close her eyes and then open them on the count of three. Be prepared to snap quickly.
  • Have your subject wear a hat or sunglasses – the perfect accessories in a summer image – to help shield the sun.
  • Add variety by taking shots with your subjects looking down, away, or interacting with each other.

You'll likely be using your smartphone for pics.  Try using the device's auto-focus by tapping the screen where your subject appears.  This may correct potential lighting issues.  If you've updated to the iPhone 7 Plus, you're in luck!  Try portrait mode - it's AH-MAZING! 

Use a background that highlights your subject.  Think Lifetouch elementary school photos - chin tilted, full smile, forest or bookshelves or mounds of fall leaves backgrounds. Get close so your star pupil is clear and the background blurry.  

Allow your little one to choose their outfit (within reason). They'll be more likely to pose when feeling confident in what they're wearing.  

Happy snapping!  

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