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Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space: Advice From Resident Landscape Designer, Paige McIntosh

Paige McIntosh, owner & designer at Bright Shade Gardens talks to Kimberly Myers, marketing coordinator at LizLuke Team, about life in the landscaping design & maintenance business.  

Paige's passion for her work beams through during our conversation, as is her meticulous care for clients' outdoor space - like it were her own.  She grins from ear to ear when chatting about the pleasure homeowners experience from thoughtful and well planned landscaping.  She's sort of a plant nerd and has no shame about it.  In fact, she's proud.  I giggle when learning about the "ugly tree farm” of transplants that didn't make the cut.  

Bright Shade Gardens operates with the steadfast help of Jose, Paige’s business partner and experienced gardner.  Jose hasn’t seen his bed much lately - he’s been busy overseeing the 400 properties Bright Shade manages. 

Read on for Paige’s veteran advice on DIY maintenance, overcoming a limited landscaping budget and open house prep. 

For Do-It-Yourself’ers: 

You must, in fact, do it!  Don’t let your hedges get out of control before you decide to trim them.  You’ll likely get overwhelmed and quit or go Edward Scissorhands on your favorite rose bush.  The keys to maintaining your outdoor space are to be informed, use the right tools and know when you need the help of a professional. 

Small Budget, Big Dreamers: 

Don’t be afraid to make the call.  The information and design proposal you will receive during your professional consultation can not hurt.  You will have options and can assess needs vs wants accordingly.

Open House Prep’ers 

Curb appeal is numero uno, seriously.  The first thing potential buyers notice is all the things that are attractive, or not, about your yard.  Get them in the house with a well manicured yard, a pop of color and clean gutters.  You’ll likely make your money back according to this survey by NARS.  

Find Paige at or email her at  

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