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Successful Real Estate Experiences

Successful Real Estate Experiences 

A 12 Step Guide to Buying, Selling & Renovating Your Home

First time home buyer? Or maybe your family has grown and you need to buy and sell?  Perhaps you need to renovate your investment property?  Real estate transactions are typically weighty decisions and to some, a dauntingly arduous process - especially for first time home buyers.  

We've come up with an outline of steps one should take when making time sensitive and substantial investments like home buying or selling.  Our guide is not necessarily sequential or inclusive.  Every situation is different and requires thoughtful action. 

(This is an annual series.  Discover additional steps next month!) 

1.  Research.  Make an educated decision when choosing your REALTOR®, lender, insurance & titling company - all of it.  Not sure what the market's like?  Read about it.  Use your resources to gather information about interest rates and home values.  Write the credit bureau for your annually free credit report. Now!  

If you're resettling from a distance or even if buying or selling locally, research: neighborhoods, parking, schools, distance to amenities, commute time, etc. to determine where is most desirable to satisfy your needs.  Don't know what your needs are?  Don't worry, we've covered that below.  

2.  Choose your REALTOR®.  You need a REALTOR®.  Hopefully, your real estate professional is a matchmaker that connects buyers and sellers.  One that provides guidance and feedback, has a list of reputable resources and collaborates with clients to determine their best deal.  

It's important to trust the professional you're hiring will represent your best interests.  Get recommendations from friends, family and co-workers.

3. Balance wants vs needs.  Could live without it or have to have it?  Be practical. Envision your ideal home based on your current income:debt, family size and neighborhood features.

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